Our Activities

Through different interesting activities — edutainment. Creating fun arts, jewelry and crafts projects using the simplest supplies found around the home, trying on African clothes, costumes, playing African games, singing, dancing.
Possible workshops
Experiencing Africa: explore the daily life of an African child. Through storytelling and the use of instruments and songs, Juliet speaks, performs, dances and teaches African traditions. You will try on African attires, making music, dancing, and crafting, and African games. This is a great way of satisfying children’s curiosity about how other people live.

Intro to African singing, drumming, music and dancing: We either use real drums or improvise using the things available (hands, spoons, boxes etc…) to make music. After mastering a simple rhythm we can as well dance to it. We can even make our own drums ourselves.

African Story Time and games: Introducing the children to an exciting way of African storytelling. Julie will act out the story as she tells it. Later the children have the chance of acting as Julie tells the stories. A variety of African games will also be introduced and played. The morals of each story will be guessed at the end of each story.

Crafting and Fashion: Intro to making fashionable necklaces, rings, attires, and trying these on too.
Intro to African theater through a play “KOKOOLILOOKO”: It’s quite a unique way of bridging the gap between American and African way of life. The life of a child growing up in Africa and that of a child growing up here is compared in a playful and educative way. Children are introduced to basket carrying, digging in the garden, African drumming etc.. As a one man actor Julie normally looks at the audience available and then chooses what fits best to the group.
Adults Workshops: These involve basics about music, singing, dancing, simple performances, storytelling, debates, crafting, fashion etc. Explore the role of traditions, cultural ceremonies of East Africa. Ideal for colleges, universities and professional development.
Special Needs Groups: African workshops where Juliet will perform, tell stories, dance and sing while interacting with the audience/class. She will share some African articles with everyone in the group and talk about them. The audience will try out simple activities like basket carrying, simple movements, rhythms and dance. Juliet will interact with all participants in an attempt to get everyone involved. This is ideal for smaller groups.
Tailor-made Workshops: here I base on the needs of the organization and I put something together for the given group