Africano Dance and Arts Center at 309 moody St Waltham, classes start
Monday sept 13th 4pm . Free gymnastic class with Beth form Brandeis University.
Tuesdays @ 3:30pm – 5pm . Luganda class for 6 sessions at $120 and each session if for 1.5 hours. Fridays 4pm – 5pm sewing class for only $5 if you book 40 hours.
Every last Friday of the month its movie Friday for only $6 per student. For more call 781-298-1545.

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East African Art fair

Africa’s leading art fair is back for its ninth year of showcasing contemporary art from the continent and the diaspora. Taking place at The Sandton Convention Centre from 9 – 11 September this year, the FNB Joburg-Art-Fair looks set to play host to some of the finest works from a far-reaching group of galleries, publications and independent artists.

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my first trip to Africa

This is a book that will guide you and give you more information about Africa. the foods , culture and the way of life in Africa.

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Kasubi Tombs

Kasubi tombs are basically known as the royal burial ground for Baganda. This is simply because it’s where all the Buganda kings are buried. Ironically the tombs are a tourist attraction site in the country since they are unique and have cultural items that are ancient

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Mountain Muhabura

Muhavura volcano rises to 4127 m at the NE end of the Virunga Range. It is a relatively youthful strato volcano with a small 40-m-wide lake in its summit crater. The 3474-m-high Gahinga (Mgahinga) volcano is joined to Muhavura on the west by a broad saddle. The two volcanoes have produced basanitic-to-trachyandesitic lavas. A small parasitic crater has been recently active, but the age of the latest eruption of Muhavura is not known.

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