About Us

ACS’s aim is to promote African Cultural awareness throughout the World whereas supporting income generating projects and educating the need in Uganda.
We seek to help develop respect for other world cultures, African beauty and diversity. We want people to understand that despite physical, material and cultural differences, there is a lot that connects Africa with the rest of the world.
We aim at giving the people of African origin living in other countries the chance to know more about their family history and be proud of their identity.
To raise awareness of conditions of people in Africa. This way we get sponsorship and help the people out of these hard conditions like poverty and analphabetism.
some true facts about Uganda

  • 50% of it’s population is under 14 years of age
  • The Median age is 15 years old
  • Life expectancy is 53 years old
  • 66.8% literacy rate
  • GDP per capita $1,300
  • Uganda is approximately the size of Oregon state.
  • River Nile has it’s source in Uganda
  • Lake Victoria, the largest lake in African is in Uganda
  • The natural resources found there include: coffee, tea, cotton, potatoes, corn, beef,
  • goat meat, poultry, fish, etc

African Cultural Services is an educational tribute and community program. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Waltham, MA in the USA.
>>We run Dances, Drumming, Storytelling, Plays and Craft workshops With these programs we celebrate the beauty and diversity of African Culture, music, food, lifestyle and fashion.
We promote African Culture whereas helping the children of Africa with school fees to go to school!!!
Our workshops are tailor-made and can be fit into a broad range of individual groups including: School curriculum, School festivals, After-school programs, Adult groups, Live ins, Libraries, Universities, dance center, refugee camps, hospital patients etc…
Our workshops engage participants in active participation and encourage collaboration between youth of different cultures – group visits – children helping children etc..

We offer different packages at different prices as below: